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EQC start sequence question - Newbie!

Hi all, I have a detail question about the EQC, wondering if anyone can assist?

I'm looking at the EQC as I love Merc's (had an E55 AMG a few years ago), and am really interested in how similar / different it is to a tesla model 3 (which I've driven previous)...
(Doing my research whilst in isolation so its all through youtube vids etc.)

For example in a Tesla, to get the car moving, you get in, wave your 'keycard' over the reader, put your foot on the brake, select D on the stalk selector, release the foot brake and drive off!

From what I can see online, the same process in the EQC is quite a lot more complex!
(unclear on the key process)
- press the start/stop button to 'fully energise' the cabin (not eactly sure what this means, the screens are already on in the video I saw, but think it allows you to use the stereo etc.)
- press the start/stop button again to switch the 'ignition' on
- put foot on brake (as with most cars, think this is a safety measure)
- press the start/stop button a THIRD time to actually START the ignition fully
(keeping foot on brake)
- select drive
and as you release the brake and apply throttle the car will move!

seems quite a lot of steps!?!
does anyone have first hand experience of this?
I wonder if its just the way the person chooses to do it in the video I saw...
Like for example, if you hold the brake down earlier, can you remove the need to press start/stop 3 times?

Would be great to hear off anyone who knows more, as I'm worried I'll find lots more that would bug me if I got one, if this is anything to go by!


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Hi jt993, I heard about the odd start sequence but haven't experienced it myself yet. Have you gone through the owners manual, owner guides or even spoke to a local dealer about it? Do you know what this sequence is like in other comparable EV's like the E-Tron SUV? (its also on my shopping list)
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Hi, the start process is much simpler.
I own a EQC since July and here is what I do:
With my key in the pocket I grab the door handle and get in the car
Screen is turned on
Foot on the brake, then press start/stop button, select drive and off you go.
Breaks are automatically released.

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