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  1. Mercedes Benz EQS Sedan
    Up until recently I saw the charging stations and their availability on the map. Now they are gone without changing anything. Anybody any idea?
  2. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Hi All, I am a new owner of a EQE 350+, and while it looks like I set up everything, I am struggling with electric intelligence function. If I set a destination from home (Netherlands), to certain destinations it gives me the full charging plans (looks like it's mostly using Ionity), but for...
  3. Mercedes Benz EQC
    Hi, I am all of a sudden experiencing a delay with my EQC charging. Before I would plug in the charger and it would charge instantaneously. Now it takes about 5-10mins to detect and charge. Has anyone experienced this? Further I am not getting the regular updates to my MercedesMe app.
  4. Mercedes Benz EQC
    Hi all, I have recently picked up my EQC and in the third week of ownership. Having charged at BP Pulse three times, I am still not getting any payment or transaction notifications, either in car or on the app. I have registered all services and added a payment card, can any one offer advice...
  5. Mercedes EQ Vehicles General Discussion Forum
    Not sure if anyone else has had this issue yet, but I just got my EQS450+ 4 days ago and it charged great the first 2 times using my ChargePoint home flex charger. However, during the third charge, I got an error message from MMe app saying that there was an issue charging. I have tried several...
  6. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    Good day! This may benefit somebody out there searching for if they should just use a NEMA 14-50 cable for charging their beautiful Mercedes. In a word, DON'T! For quicker charging, more reliable charging, safer charging, more software updates, charging scheduling and other sophisticated...
  7. Mercedes Benz EQS Sedan
    Hello - car is going in to the dealership tomorrow wondering if anyone else is having same or similar issues or has any ideas: Charging: car will not fast charge. In the US (and at least locally for me) the only Level 3 fast chargers are Electrify America. We are supposed to get 30 min of free...
  8. Mercedes Benz EQA
    Hi all, First time poster. I’m going to put the end to end experience on here to maybe help others in the future. I took delivery of an new EQA 250 in October and have put ~5000 miles on the car since. Up until today all has been well, with a combination of 11kwh (my main source of charging)...
  9. Mercedes Benz EQC
    With spring weather on the horizon, my expectation is the EQC range should be improving. Instead what I’m noticing is that it’s having the opposite effect. Yesterday 15 degrees and a max range of 200 (despite the app I initially estimating 206. Two weeks ago I was achieving 217. I know that it’s...
  10. Mercedes Benz EQC
    Loving my new EQC, but disappointed that you can’t choose time slots to charge. I have a dual tariff electricity supply so at the correct time it costs 1/3 of normal tariff. Any ideas of 3rd party apps that can do this as Mercedes Me doesn’t. Neither does the Pod-Point app for my charger. Thanks
1-10 of 10 Results