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  1. Mercedes EQ Vehicles General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, new to the forum so apologies if I miss some rules. Issue happened, on Monday after owning the EQS 450+ for only 5 days. The car had 45% battery, had to make a stop and once I came back and tried to engage drive the car won’t go in drive mode. Tried locking and leaving for few minutes...
  2. Mercedes EQ Vehicles General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, I just receive my brand new A250e. I have a little question what is : DAUTO, D+, D, D- and D-- And how to activate it ? I want My car to use both energy and motor power, like 50/50. I dont have a home charger so I can not charge it every day. I dont want the car to prioritye eletric...
1-2 of 2 Results