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  1. Mercedes Benz EQA
    Hi All, Got EQA250 (with all package included), Question 1: - on MBUX - I've got Mercedes me app, weather app, & apple car play/android play app but missing "Brower APP" , Question 2:- while connecting ipad thru MBUX - Hotspot internet- its direct me to vodafone page "Out of footprint" -...
  2. Mercedes Benz EQA
    Hi all, I need a bike rack for two bikes for an upcoming trip and cannot find a compatible rack due to it being a new model. I didn’t opt for the tow bar as I didn’t consider it at the time of purchase. Has anyone had any luck with Thule boot style bike racks they can recommend?
  3. Mercedes Benz EQA
    Removed....solution found
  4. Mercedes Benz EQA
    Hi all, First time poster. I’m going to put the end to end experience on here to maybe help others in the future. I took delivery of an new EQA 250 in October and have put ~5000 miles on the car since. Up until today all has been well, with a combination of 11kwh (my main source of charging)...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi, took delivery of my EQA AMG line on Monday this week and only used it for school runs until yesterday when I drove from Farnham, Surrey, UK where we live to Southampton, UK (about an hour). I did the whole drive in D-Auto, Comfort dynamic mode and used Cruise control where it made sense. The...
1-5 of 5 Results