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  1. Mercedes Benz EQC
    Hi guys I've got my EQC400 since 2020. Current mileage is 13.000km. Suddenly multimedia screen failed and not displaying anything except MB sign. I didn't upgrade my software since beginning. My region is Uzbekistan. No dealers nearby. Could you recommend how to fix it. Thanks in advance
  2. Mercedes Benz EQC
    Hi all, Here I am again, I’ll get to the point. I was having a chat with a mate and they asked, “does Sports mode in the EQC make any difference to acceleration and speed?” a quick google from the Merc website Here says “the SPORT setting is designed to optimise performance on the road.” but...
  3. Mercedes Benz EQC
    Hi everyone, me again. I’m interested to know: - if anyone has been able to use the Augmented Reality & MBUX dashcam app to record trips & act as a dashcam. I am praying the app is available and allowed in the UK. - & if it records both front and back Without my EQC arriving yet I cannot...
  4. Mercedes Benz EQC
    Hi All, I’ll keep it short and sweet. I ordered an EQC AMG Line Premium Plus in Nov 2021. Still waiting as of writing this (July 2022). I called the Dealer MB Boston. It’s due to part shortage for a component for the headlight at the MB Bremen factory in Germany, I got told the car virtually...
  5. Mercedes Benz EQC
    Hi, I am all of a sudden experiencing a delay with my EQC charging. Before I would plug in the charger and it would charge instantaneously. Now it takes about 5-10mins to detect and charge. Has anyone experienced this? Further I am not getting the regular updates to my MercedesMe app.
1-5 of 5 Results