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  1. Mercedes Benz EQA
    Im thinking of getting an EQA, so im doing my research in various aspects and features for the car. In one of the videos i've watched I noticed that in order to connect your iPhone with the car you need to use a cable.. Is that true? EQA does not have a wireless connectivity with the phone via...
  2. Mercedes EQ Vehicles General Discussion Forum
    as it says MBUX mediia does not display photos af the music Im playing through Bluetooth if I use Samsung Android phone but it does if I use iphone, I have look at all setting in my phone and can not see anything stopping that, has anyone same problem?
  3. Mercedes Benz EQS Sedan
    Up until recently I saw the charging stations and their availability on the map. Now they are gone without changing anything. Anybody any idea?
  4. Mercedes Benz EQE Sedan
    I’m new to Mercedes but a long time Automobile enthusiast, with better knowledge on the EV side. My EQE is a 970 starling Blue in Biscaya/Neva interiors with 20 inch wheels on Exclusive trim with 401,P53, PAF, 444 and rather unfortunately with Winter pkg. I’m get to configure OBD to get...
  5. Electronics, Audio, and Lighting
    When i picked up my EQB 300 4MATIC X243 production date 2022-07-08. I activated successfully the native built in spotify app. MBUX had 4 “Online Music” Providers available. Spotify was activated easy by scanning the QR code. It worked over my cells data connection and later also when i...
1-5 of 5 Results