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There are numerous pointers to the electric character of the EQA in the interior. Depending on the design and equipment line, these include a new-style back-lit trim element and rosé gold-coloured decorative trim on the ventilation outlets, seats and the vehicle key. The Edition 1 special model additionally features perforated leather seats, through which blue fabric can be seen. The instruments, with their electric vehicle-specific displays, pick up on the same colour scheme with rosé gold-coloured and blue highlights.

The dashboard consists of a basic volume, which features optical "cut-outs" in the driver and front passenger area. The cut-out on the driver's side is dominated by the free-standing display unit, which is available in two variants: with two
7-inch displays (17.78 cm) or in a Widescreen variant with two 10.25-inch displays (26 cm). On the passenger side, the cut-out area is finished with a trim element in what is called a spiral look. A spectacular effect, particularly at night, is delivered by the high-tech back-lit version of this trim in the Electric Art, AMG Line and Edition 1 models. The individual, transparent sections of the surface are illuminated from behind with the aid of fibre-optics. Depending on the equipment variant, the trim is also available in open-pore brown linestructure walnut wood, open-pore black lime wood or aluminium with light longitudinal grain (see also section on "The equipment").

The round ventilation outlets, five of them in all, feature a high-quality turbine look with meticulously designed air guidance vanes. With Electric Art, the turbine blades in the outlets are rosé gold-coloured. This line is further distinguished by the use of titanium grey Artico leather in a combination with "Jalaya" rosé gold-coloured fabric. This also scores points in terms of sustainability: the fabric is made from recycled PET bottles. The seats also feature rosé gold-coloured piping.

In the Edition 1 model, ventilation outlets in Silver Shadow are framed by a blue air-control ring. The design of the leather seats in this special model is particularly complex: behind the neva grey leather is a blue fabric. Cyber-cut technology has been used to meticulously perforate the leather in order to allow the blue backing to show through. As a further distinctive feature, one of the two vehicle keys with Electric Art and Edition 1 is a rosé gold-coloured/high-gloss black design key.

Spacious, practical and variable

The seating position is high and upright, as is typical for an SUV – making it not only comfortable for getting in and out, but also good in terms of all-round visibility. The rear seat backrest is 40:20:40 split-folding. The interior dimensions of the EQA (in mm/litres):

Max. headroom, front1037
Headroom, rear955
Legroom, front1045
Legroom, rear896
Elbow room, front1456
Rear elbow room1454
Shoulder room, front1419
Shoulder room, rear1393
Load compartment width, max.1272
Load compartment depth, max.1412
Smallest width between the rear wheel arches1050
Boot capacity, VDA340
Instruments with displays specific to Mercedes-EQ and special colour scheme

Included as standard is the intuitively operated MBUX infotainment system (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). MBUX can be individually configured with the help of various options. Key advantages of the system: the powerful computer, brilliant screens and graphics, customisable presentation, full-colour head-up display, navigation with augmented reality and learning software and voice control activated by the keyword "Hey Mercedes".

The information in the instrument cluster and on the media display is easily legible on the large, high-resolution screens. An emotive presentation underlines the comprehensibility of the intuitive control structure and offers brilliant graphics in superb visual quality. The Mercedes-EQ tile in the media display can be used to call up menus relating to charging options, electrical consumption and energy flow. The right-hand display within the instrument cluster is a wattmeter rather than a rev counter. The upper section shows the percentage of power, the lower section the recuperation. The left-hand instrument can be used to show whether the destination can be reached without an interim charging stop. The colours change according to the driving situation: during a boost process, for example, the display changes to white.

Depending on mood, or to match the particular interior, the user has a choice of four different styles. The Progressive variant includes a special Mercedes-EQ colour scheme:

  • Modern Classic is the evolution of the classic display style in an elegantly light and exquisite materiality.
  • Sport has a high-tech turbine look featuring a sporty contrast of black/yellow.
  • Progressive represents a modern interpretation of an instrument cluster in the digital display world. In the interests of reducing the display to what is strictly necessary and in order to allow focused intake of information, the display values of the round instruments for speed and power are displayed dynamically only in the required range in each instance. In the EQA the colour scheme here is pure blue/rosé gold-coloured.
  • Discreet mode greatly reduces the information and thereby helps the driver to relax.
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