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2023 EQS 450+ SUV charging issues and questions

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I am new here. Bought the EQS SUV a few weeks ago. It is not charging at home as quickly as it is supposed to. I had an electrician install a dedicated 240 and he came back out and verified that it is getting 241. I bought the ChargePoint Home Flex 16A-50A Flexible Amperage Charger and it is only charging at around 3.5 (right now it says 3.9). I have tried 3 of these chargers, just in case that was the problem. Is there some sort of setting in the car that is preventing me from charging the car as quickly as it should (I think 11 hours)?

Another issue I am having is finding charging stations. It would be nice to use a Tesla station. Is there an adaptor that I can use to charge my EQS at a Tesla station?
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What size circuit breaker are you using for the ChargePoint EVSE? The maximum needed to charge the EQS at its full potential would be a 50A breaker since 9.6 kW is the highest charge rate that the SUV can accept.

What Amperage is the ChargePoint programmed to use? If you are seeing 3.9 kW then the ChargePoint may be set to 16 Amps (since 3900/241= ~16) which would probably be the lowest possible setting.

Currently there is not an adapter that you could use for a Tesla Supercharger. But, you can get an adapter to work with a Tesla destination charger frequently found at hotels.
Was your electrician familiar with EVSE installations? Is it possible he saw the 16A minimum output and installed a 20A circuit with 10 awg wire?
You won't believe what the problem was. Wifi!!!

The Charge Point gives a certain number of amps or volts or watts or whatever, but then adds a ton more once it is connected to Wifi. I did not realize that it wasn't connected because I view the charging info in the Mercedes app and I sometimes look for other Charge Point locations via the Charge Point app, but didn't notice that my home charger wasn't part of my Charge Point account.
I have a WIFI capable Tesla Gen3 J1772 charger which is not on my network and it works as expected for the 40A circuit it is on. I did have to use a WIFI connection to set it up. Apparently, the ChargePoint defaults to the lowest setting until you configure it. I would not be surprised if once configured it would continue to work at the higher rate, even if your WIFI was out of order for whatever reason.

What charging rate did you finally get?

BTW, I hope I did not offend you with the 101 level questions in my previous post.
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