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My Mercedes app has been very glitchy recently, techincal team have been dealing and seem to have rectified the issues which is good.
I’ve loaded up the app now and there’s a new Eco Coach app I can download, yay!
Sadly the EQV is not supported…
So that’s no week profile, no adjustable temp for the pre entry, no control of doors or windows from the app….
Anything else?

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I don't have an EQV to check but EQC app has tyre pressure check, trip data such as efficiency and "eco display" efficiency score, check and change windows position and lock, check boot closed, parking brake status, google calendar integration, track vehicle location, speeding alert, geofence alert, settings adjust such as ambient light and display and nav etc

More generally.....years ago I considered the EQV but wasn't sure when it would launch so just got the EQC though MUCH less practical. Might be different since last time I checked on launch in my country but I remember the following of the EQV-

There doesn't seem to be any amazing OEM "sports vans" but I suspect the electric platform with low centre of gravity would make for a usefully sporty AMG version.

No floor-hinged accelerator pedal which I find easier to use.

Probably less sound proofing such as acoustic glass.

No Mercedes Active Steering.

No multibeam headlights.

No vegan leather.

No wireless startup.

I expect some of these in a future "dedicated" next-gen EQV around 2025. I still think the existing van is uniquely useful as an ev van at the moment though and I think would be my preference even over the upcoming VW Buzz if they just added Mercedes Active Steering but that is a personal preference

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I have both EQC (in city, kids to school, etc) and EQV (all family out of city), for family of 6. EQV is a great van, its a pleasure to drive it, lot of space. Still fits into 1.90m. garage height.
There are some missing features, without big reasons, just probably it was lack of time to add them.

Possible improvements (I just hope MB engineers will read this :):
1. EQV smaller features to be added, that are on EQC: AIR-BALANCE (place for scent bottle); heated wheel; on-screen display (if front glass angle allows that).
2. EQC has amazing sound-proof level. Best I ever experienced on any car. Hopefully EQV could be further improved, the dream would be to get same level of silence on the go as EQC has. Radio sound quality is better in EQC (there is best possible audio (Burmeister) on both), that could be because of EQC silence and also perhaps EQC has better speakers or better radio circuitry.
3. Tempomat algorithm is below usable in EQV, while very good on EQC. The "calm" EQC algorithm shall be just copied to EQV. For example, when more speed is needed, EQC raises it slowly, and if speed is too high, EQC tempomat allows for the car to slow down naturally. In EQV, tempomat is so strict, that even small road level changes make it constantly changing from too sharp accelerating to too sharp braking (by charging the battery, even if D+ is selected). So on EQV the solution is to switch tempomat off and just keep the foot on accelerator if road is not completely flat.
4. EQV features to be fixed by SW updates, if possible: pre-heating/pre-cooling does not have weekly profile; cannot change max. battery charge level from app; only driver/front passenger seat controls are available in MercedesMe app (in EQC there is an option to control driver seat or all seats including back seats too) - high comfort very expensive x4 back seats with heating and cooling were unique for EQV, unfortunately these seats are not on app; it would be best to make EQV preheating same as EQC - either driver only, or all seats, only if all seats the separate passenger air-conditioner or heater shall be turned on, in addition to seats. Also for some reason I cannot lock/unlock EQV via app (it returns error), while lock/unlock works OK for EQC (same phone, same MercedesMe app, I just change the car in it). And in 2/3 of starts parking brake on EQV is not switched off when I turn on the "ignition" and change gear from N to D or R while foot is on brake, so I must turn it off manually by pulling a parking brake switch. On EQC same parking brake is always turned off correctly when I change from N to D or R.
5. EQV space is very practical to bring larger goods home, for example, the new refrigerator, kids bed, etc. But comfort seats contain a wire from bottom of the seat to the floor and it is not easy to disconnect it. Some "click" socket and plug shall be added to make it easy to disconnect the seats and quickly take them out by driver, when space is needed for cargo.
6. Of course it would be a dream EQV if it had second electric motor for back wheels, that is EQV 4x4. This would also add to EQV the amazing 4 wheel acceleration that EQC has. I am not using it often, but sometimes its so great when overtaking and also 4x4 is just amazing feature in winter, when road is slippery. EQV 4x4 with "Raise" function of air-suspension is a dream combination for reaching out to main cleaned roads when amount of snow is high. For now, on snowy days EQV must stay in garage, as it sinks in the snow on ice and does not move due to just 2 wheels rotating.
7. Both EQV/EQC need 22kW AC charger, at least in my country where most city chargers are AC 22kW (even the one from Mercedes is 22kW). With and option to limit 3 phase current to 16A (11kW), or further down to 12/10/8/6 A when there is a lot of time. And it would be great to have the inverter bi-directional, that is, to get normal 230V 16A socket in the car - that would be just amazing for camping.
8. For both EQx it would be great to have an additional user accessible SIM slot to insert local 4G/5G SIM card, to be used to provide in-car WiFi for very high data volume use, like watching YouTube on x4 kids iPads while on the go, etc., also to download big updates (maps, for example). The built-in restricted Vodafone SIM card should be used only when additional SIM is not inserted or not working, and perhaps always for critical functions if that is needed for security. I do not see any point in trying to help Vodafone to rip off MB drivers for too expensive roaming internet. Local SIM card gives unlimited data with speeds close to gigabit on 5G for just €20/month., and trying to sell WiFi data for kids YouTube for big money will only damage MB reputation. Most drivers already have data plans, the purpose of in-car WiFi is just to reduce radio emissions compared to using iPhones inside metallic car frame, as that puts people inside the car under increased radio transmitter powers.
9. Both EQx shall remember settings like seat position, automatically restore D+ mode, if it was on last time, and enforce them together with profile activation. Not sure why seat position now is detached from user profile and must be selected separately on the door buttons. If bluetooth is detected from particular driver phone, and no others, then the profile shall be selected automatically, no need to ask who is driving. Would be good when driver changes several times per day, for example me and my wife are driving randomly during the course of the day, car would adapt seats as soon as door is opened as only particular phone will be seen via bluetooth, if driver comes alone.
10. EQx need a setting to release DC charging cable when the car is locked and stops charging due to battery being full. Other EVs have such an option. Volvo, BMW they release DC plug after battery is full. Otherwise, if the driver is not near the car and charging ends, other driver on the queue cannot use the public charger, so I am always meet someone very angry if I am not returning to EQx exactly the minute when charging ends, for example while visiting some supermarket while EQx charges. There is no way to release charging cable from app, too.
11. Warning message that charging lid was left open would be much more useful at the moment when driver gets in the seat, not when car already on the go in the street.

There is no time to list here hundreds of good things, both these e-cars are already a great achievement by MB engineers, I just listed some details that can be improved.
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