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Cable storage

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I really should be less lazy and actually try this myself, but do the recesses in the boot underfloor storage space fit the Type 2 cable and granny charger? Or are they designed to store something else? My cables were loose in boot when I picked my EQC up, so I have no reference point.

If they do and anyone has a pic to avoid me working out the 'copper origami', that would be great.....馃榿
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I have found that the granny charger in it's bag fits quite nicely into the netted pocket on the left side. The main charging cable in mostly left un-stowed on the boot floor as I use it most days. I did buy a boot liner, on ebay for about 拢30. It works great. It fits, is lightweight and stops the carpet from getting wet from the wet charging cable. I have not investigated the space below the deck.
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So I did a thing.......
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The underfloor tray certainly isn't built to take the charging cables, but they can be squeezed in without fouling the raising floor.
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I used to keep so much in thenold e class which had a deep space but I can still get the folded shopping bags under the floor which is fine. I have not unpacked my 4m cable kept under the floor also as I use an 8m one I bought from mercedes (yes expensive but I wanted to stay oem) as my car is parked away from the wallbox and I needed the extra range of a longer cable. I also keep the granny charger in its bag in the space on the rear righthand side. Think it is a bit mean mercedes did not provide a bag for the 4m cable. I bought one from ev cables for the 8m and I tend to put that in the car so I can park front end on to charge or in case Ineed the extra length, mind you Have only charged away from home a couple of times in 5mths.
Each of mine came in a fancy carrying case. For me they're emergency use only, so I can cope with the hassle of trying to get them back in their case after use.
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As you can see, both of my bags are still in their plastic wrappers! :) Might have to follow your example, that looks nice and tidy.
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