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Car 100% Charged but Dash Shows 'Low Battery' on Start Up?

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Charged the battery last not, 100% full. Yes on pressing the 'Start' button, a short message comes up saying 'Low Battery'.

In parallel message on Mercedes Me saying "Your vehicles HV Battery has been successfully charged"

Odd. I'm wondering if this message refers to the 12V battery system? I read a good few posts from Audi GT owners who were locked out of their cars because the 12V battery was flat.

But if it is the 12V battery system, why might it be low? It is true that AC and a lot of sub systems are on and working but to the extent that it might report 'low battery'?

Any ideas? Anyone seen this?

By coincidence, I read an article (by the AA) yesterday that flat 12V batteries were indeed their largest call out fault call, not the large car batteries.
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Still getting intermittently .... no obvious pattern, but yes it points very much to the 12V battery.

It's not affected anything (that I know of) negatively but then why is is displaying?
The 12V battery is a common problem of nearly all EVs. Most EVs still have a lead acid battery. Some manufactures have replaced the battery with a lithium type, which is better suited for the use case in an EV.
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