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Charge level - how to increase?

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I bought my EQC 400 in September this year.
I have never been able to charge up to more than 340km, from first day I owned the car.
MB dealers tells me that my driving range depends on my driving pattern, I have trouble with understanding the sense in this - low charging level was from day 1.
These days my driving is only short trips, about 20-40 km each time.
At the moment I am only able to charge up to 220-230km battery level (100%)

Is it not possible to reset the trip teller to factory defaults or do something to get more driving range?
("Normal" reset of trip teller does not help)

Best regards,
Per Kristiansen.
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This topic comes up regularly on every ev forum for all makes of car. The suggested range is worked out by the cars computer based on the history of the achieved consumption the algorithms being slightly better or worse in all the various cars on the market. Mercedes are pretty good in my experience.
I am not aware that you can meaningfully reset the system as it will start giving the same stats as you use the car. In essence you can judge your range by looking at your consumption and then compare that to the kw in the battery so 50% SOC equals 40kw which at 21kwh per km gives a range of 190km if you are achieving 20kw/100 the range would be 200 km . The range is a guesstimate based on an average driving history not a fixed level you will achieve. When you charge the car you are putting in energy not a fixed no of km. Search for some of my other posts or other threads on the topic which have discussed this topic at length.
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Parkwood is absolutely correct on this, I would just add that short journeys and cold temperatures cause a big reduction in range. An EV is similar to a combustion engine car in this respect as none will give best economy until they reach optimum operating temperature. Just as the battery in a petrol/diesel car can struggle to turn over the engine in very cold weather the drive battery in your EQC has to work harder until it warms up. Short trips may mean the available charge is reduced by having to heat the battery system on every startup.
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