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Charging problems with SMA EV charger

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we have a SMA EV 22KW charger, SMA home manager 2.0 and 2 EV cars. a mercedes eqs 450+ from 2021 and a tesla model S 85 from 2014
the sma ev charges has 3 charging modes
The EV Charger has 3 charging modes that can be switched between. The effect of the setting on the charging mode is described below.
Fast charging
The vehicle is charged with the maximum available power. There is no optimization here with regard to electricity costs and the use of PV energy. The charging power is limited by the maximum charging power of the vehicle, the house connection and the EV Charger.
Intelligent charging - Charging with PV surplus
The vehicle is charged with excess PV energy that would otherwise be fed into the utility grid or cut off. The Sunny Portal is used to set how high the proportion of excess PV energy must be in order for the EV Charger to charge the vehicle. The Sunny Home Manager schedules the charging by the EV Charger only as soon as it can fulfill the set optimization target. Depending on the configuration of the priority of the optional appliances, the EV Charger is taken into account by Sunny Home Manager before or after other appliances when scheduling. In this charging mode, it is not possible to ensure that the vehicle is charged in all cases. If the surplus PV energy is not sufficient for charging, no charging takes place.
Intelligent charging - Charging with specified target
The EV Charger is operated as a necessary appliance with as much surplus PV energy as possible. By entering a departure time and an amount of energy to be charged in the SMA Energy App, the Sunny Home Manager intelligently plans the charging process. The Sunny Home Manager enables charging at minimum cost and with maximum utilization of PV power with sufficient charging to reach the destination at the entered departure time. After sufficient charging for the target range, the EV Charger automatically switches to Charging with specified target.

with the tesla model s all 3 charging modes are working fine
with the Mercedes eqs450+ we have problems in all 3 charging modes

mode 1 / fast charging:
The car interrupts the charging all the time. the charging power if fluctuating between 5.8 and 10kw and it interrupt ad random. it can run for more than 1 our at full power. suddenly it stops for a while (between 15 seconds to 2 hours) and it restarts charging after a while: from time to time it stops 15 times in 2 or 3 minutes.

modes 2 and 3 intelligent charging
it nerver starts loading
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Have the SMA box had any FW updates?

Some times EV boxes need FW updates to work with new car models and some times even for new FW updates of the car.
the SMA EV charger has the latest firmware.
the car is under investigation by mercedes germany. they have a dump of the full log.
I am impatiently waiting for results.
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hello i saw your message, i had a problem like you before with a Nissan Leaf. sometimes the car ask to stop charging (why?), and by defaut the charger is configured to disconnect the car when charging process is stopped. Then, when the car is available to charge again, the charger wont because it is disconnected. This is a configurable option in EV Box MMI, just uncheck the corresponding check box.
We has an Sma ev charger installed. first charge it blew the BMS in the car and did 22k of damage to the car. Car was fixed, charger replaced and still no charge Sam is still picking us about 11moths later.
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