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Charging stops @ 85%

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When charging the EQC it won't exceed a precentage of 85%. Despite having it set to 100% or 90% the car says it's 100% loaded in the mobile APP. but upon checking the vihicle itself it says 85%.

reloading the app will change the charging precentage to 85% as well but it will never resume loading again.

I tried different charging points/ different charging cables/ different voltages but non of them are helping. Anyone any suggestions what i'm doing wrong?
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I would set it to 50% to see if that works , or ideally bring to dealer. Let us know what happens.

Other problems might be multiple chargers each setup for to stop charging at 85% to encourage users to allow others to charge, or setup for 85% for other reason. Else if left charging overnight at home it may not be fast enough to get a full charge. I would also look for error icons in dashboard
Thank you for your reply, went back to the dealer and it seems to be a software issue. problem solved for now.
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