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Good day! This may benefit somebody out there searching for if they should just use a NEMA 14-50 cable for charging their beautiful Mercedes. In a word, DON'T!

For quicker charging, more reliable charging, safer charging, more software updates, charging scheduling and other sophisticated features, connection to a smart home, possible savings in the long run and more, go with what Mercedes recommend! Which is a Mercedes recommended charging station professionally installed (in USA by Qmerit). NOT just a basic NEMA 14-50 cable regularly plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet!

NEMA 14-50 outlets were not designed specifically for EV charging; they are designed more for plugging in RVs and range ovens! Roast food with them not your EV.

Old NEMA outlets can also age poorly. And newer NEMA outlets in USA with the newer required GFCI breakers can cut out more easily so can be less reliable especially for cars that also have GFCI breakers.

Some other brands may supply a basic NEMA 14-50 cable however they simultaneously might NOT recommend you actually use it, if at all possible! Read in more detail here such a recommendation not to use! -

As well as basic cables, charging stations can also be plugged into a NEMA 14-50 outlet HOWEVER professional installation hard-wired has fewer failure points! Mercedes recommend professional installation, for example in USA by QMerit for their currently recommended charging station which is the Chargepoint Home Flex. Other countries may have other recommended charging station like Mercedes brand or other brand like in Canada the FLO Home X5 station designed for -40c temperatures.

Hopefully after reading this, you are better informed to avoid using just a NEMA 14-50 cable.
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