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Compressor noise every time the car starts!

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The car has been at the dealership multiple times now due to this noise (see attached video).

8/10 times the car starts, this noise happens. I believe it’s the suspension air compressor as there is a release sound at the very end.

The dealership sent me videos of other EQC’s they have doing the same. The issue is mine does it constantly… it shouldn’t need to regulate the suspension so often.

It’ll make that noise, I’ll park, grab a coffee and 15 mins later it will do it all over again.

Every time I take it to the dealership they say they looked it over, applied some changes but it does nothing.

Air must be leaking somewhere? What can be done?
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Wow that is noisy. Mine makes all sorts of noises but nothing like that all the noise my car makes hissing, water dripping (it is the coolant in the tanks) are gentle noises and they sound normal like a machine regulating itself the noise in the video is coarse and unhealthy sounding. I suspect it is the rear air suspension keep going back is all I can say.
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