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D+ D - Settings

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HI All
Any body know which is the best setting on the d minus and d plus regenerative braking or anybody got abit more knowledge than me. Any help appreciated.

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Try d auto (pull the d+ paddle to you and hold for a second or so) that actually seems to give the best overall balance between all the options. If you use the EQ screen and go to the flux screen you can see when the car is using power, if it is FWD only or 4WD when it glides and when it regens and if it is just FWD regen or 4WD regen (rare but happens). Have not looked at the effect in d- or d+ options. D++ does enable one pedal driving which is also very relaxed and a slight new skill to learn.
Good thing about d auto is it uses road and navigation data so slows for roundabouts and speed limits and gives a prompt to take your foot off the acceleratorin the head up and on the dash. I am pretty pleased with the efficiency of the car and I find d auto is an element to getting the good figures.
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Yep I always use D Auto on mine and it seems to get the right option between coasting / regen in most circumstances
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