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Dash cam upgrade

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Hi does anyone know if you can get the dash cam upgrade in the UK as I've seen it on YouTube , but can't find it in mercedes me shop ?
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You have to have the hardware in the car, available only in high trim levels like might need have augmented reality option or something. I am not sure but suspect the unsymmetrical notch in the black part in the middle top of the windscreen is for the dashcam camera

I didn't know at time of car purchase that such an inbuilt feature existed so got an aftermarket dashcam instead with higher resolution plus backward facing camera too
Well thanks so much for replying at such a late time , I really appreciate it , I have a eqc 400 premium plus , I was hoping to just access the inbuilt camera ( hopefully) not many auto electricans want to do the fitting as they may me liable for any fault as it's still relatively new tek, I have seen the add on app , does not specify what country, but on screenshot it show uk pounds to buy 😱
I have gnet top end front and rear cam that was hard wired in my 2020 audi q7 , but the fitter is reluctant to fit in my electric car as its hard wired not just usb wired
Won't keep you up any longer thanks for your reply
First thing I would do is check there is a camera where camera points to in attached photo.

Second point to be aware of is that Mercedes do not promote the dashcam availability for EQC model in brochure, so even if camera is there, other equipment like computer chip may or may not be (unless future hardware upgrade possible). Contact Mercedes Me support for availability on your model.

Thirdly the EQC is designed to be quite familiar to work on. Install of a dashcam hard-wired is possible. A dashcam specialist will advise you such as in UK-


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Lo primero que haría es verificar que haya una cámara a la que apunta la cámara en la foto adjunta.

El segundo punto a tener en cuenta es que Mercedes no promociona la disponibilidad de dashcam para el modelo EQC en el folleto, por lo que incluso si la cámara está allí, otros equipos como el chip de la computadora pueden estar o no (a menos que sea posible una futura actualización de hardware). Póngase en contacto con el soporte de Mercedes Me para conocer la disponibilidad en su modelo.

En tercer lugar, el EQC está diseñado para que resulte bastante familiar trabajar con él. Es posible la instalación de una dashcam cableada. Un especialista en dashcam le aconsejará, como en el Reino Unido:


Mi Eqc si viene preinstalado la cámara pero desde Mercedes Me no la puedo activar y el servicio posventa no tienen ni idea. Y claro que la cámara funciona tengo habilitada la opción de reconocimiento de semáforos y cuando estoy parado y semáforo en rojo se pone la pantalla reconociendo esta acción.
Por tanto no depende de chips solo es una opción de hardware y que a Mercedes le de la gana de activarlo dependiendo del país donde estés por temas de restricciones legales y protección de datos.
Mandingolary, I am unsure if newer cars are different but my instruction manual says Augmented Reality "function" is essential for dashcam to work properly. Also I think this "function" adds arrows to be superimposed on the camera feed and sometimes displayed on the touchscreen during navigation. Secondly a USB stick needs to be purchased separately I understand. Therefore if dashcam not working for you, even though you believe you have everything needed, then it might be worth double-checking with Mercedes Me app support, if you haven't already, that the reason really is country settings for Spain or your location and can it work if you move to a different country. Be interesting to know for sure.
La realidad aumentada me funciona correctamente y la App de Mercedes Me con mi VIN no sale la funciona de Dashcam.
UK got update recently tbat permits dashcam. Hopefully Spain can get it sometime

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Interestingly I can’t see it in the MB App Store, I wonder if it’s not available to me due to the absence AR sat nav despite being a Prem Plus? It was spec’d but not installed due to the chip shortage (22 model delivers in Dec 21) I would have hoped something as simple as recording what the camera sees would have still been available 🤔
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