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Did you order an EQE? Show us what you ordered.

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I will go first.

I got the excellent news that some units were allocated to my dealership for this year (production in September 22), so I got hold of an EQE350.

Since this will be a company car, I had some budget restrictions so I spec it with a standard exterior and put a slight emphasis on the interior/comfort.
Wheels can always be changed. Still, I got this extraordinary surprise when I saw the standard 19" wheels.... which were badged as AMG a few years back (not really sure in which model). Still.. here is my spec:

EQE 350 Standard Line
  • White paint
  • Airmatic suspension
  • Panoramic Roof
  • Illuminated pointy start dash
  • Full Artico in black
Tire Wheel Vehicle Grille Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Vehicle Car Gear shift Motor vehicle Speedometer

Now show us your EQE. :)

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I'm waiting for them to start taking orders, I'm in the US so supposed to be at the end of the year. What country are you in?
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Surprisingly the car was set to be build at the end of September, but they did it earlier. Got it yesterday. Less than 2 months from order to delivery.
The Standard wheels look fine on white. The 19” with Air suspension is like riding in the clouds.
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I'm in the US and put a deposit yesterday on an EQE 500. Dealer said they can put in orders for the 350 but the 500 still isn't available. They said I should get their first allocation on the 500. There are apparently a few 350s at the US ports already.
I took delivery of the 1st EQE 350+ available on Maui yesterday. It arrived on Monday and we took it home on Wednesday. We traded a Mustang Mache GT in for it. Great car so far.
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