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Diesel gate only electric

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Recently purchased EQC premium plus and to say I'm dissappointed with the battery life would be an understatement on full charge averaging just over 160 miles nowhere near 259 as advertised i knew in real life that was virtually unobtainable, but just over 160 in real life is a joke for a 75 k car
I'm thinking I'm going to lose a sh-t load of money on this car , the battery life and charging time just is nowhere there at the present time , in 3 yrs time there will be batteries from mercedes with 600 mile range and charging times of 10 minutes rendering this expensive car obsolete
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We have just taken delivery of ours a week ago and are starting to realise the same. Charging seems slower than advertised but more worrying is the max charge of 160 miles which just isn’t anywhere near the advertised amount. Have you contacted anyone at MB for the official word on this?
160 miles seems way too low for a vehicle rated for 259. I'd reach out to Mercedes and try and get a diagnostic on the car or something.
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