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I’m very new to this forum. Just wanted to have some ideas on what everyone thinks. Ordered my EQA 250 AMG in early JUL 22. No communication or updates from MB. Followed up with them earlier this month, came back to me a few days later saying, finally the production day is allocated in late MAY 23 and the expected delivery is likely to be around late JUL 23. Apparently it’s hard to get the allocation for Aus 🇦🇺?! MB also mentioned they are not taking order of EQA250 as they cannot catch up with the extended delay and none have been allocated to Aus. Has anyone heard of this or anyone ordered the same car around the same time? MB recommended EQB250 now as some of them are due to arrive in Feb. Wonder why they are manufacturing so many EQB250/350 that no one in particular, has ordered yet?! or initially someone ordered and decided not to take?! There are many choices for EQB.

Thanks 🙏
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