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EQA "Commencing route...." message

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I have noticed that soon after pressing the Start(/Stop) button at the commencement of a journey, a message stating something like "Commencing route..." is displayed for a short while at the top left of the left hand screen on my RHD EQA.

Does anyone know what this relates to and more particularly, what prompts it?

I wondered whether it signifies the beginning of a new FROM START data segment (refer to discussions in the Trip Data thread in this Forum), but I made a short journey this evening after a longer journey this afternoon and the message displayed this evening, but the journey data was combined with this afternoon's FROM START data. This evening's journey must have been within the 4 hour FROM START data window, although it would be stretching that time-frame.

I've never used the on-board Sat Nav, so it's not as if I've set a particular route and the car is telling me it's about to follow that route.

No doubt someone more conversant with EQ systems will have an answer...
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I rarely use the sat nav, but recall reading somewhere that it relates to a routine daily commute route, where it's stored in the system and uses live traffic information each day to suggest better alternatives (if they exist for that day).
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Thanks for your response, TOUcharging. The "Commencing route..." message caught my eye when I started the car after a relatively short stop at the supermarket: as it's a relatively frequent journey, maybe it perceived that I would be retracing my steps home and could suggest a better route?
In navigation settings, Advanced menu, Route menu, you can "Activate commuter route" or not. MBUX tries to automatically detect that the vehicle is on a commuter route. Route guidance begins without voice output.
Thank you for the tip, Dar.
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