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When i picked up my EQB 300 4MATIC X243 production date 2022-07-08. I activated successfully the native built in spotify app.

MBUX had 4 “Online Music” Providers available. Spotify was activated easy by scanning the QR code. It worked over my cells data connection and later also when i activated my data package thru mercedes me.

Then about 2 weeks later one of the menus disappeared and mbux showed:

Error Details
Please, go to entertainment settings screen and select a provider from there in order to be able to browse. But there was no longer a spotify app there to log out from or chose.

While still playing in the background i could not control spotify any more. However thru “Spotify Connect” it was still possible to remote control change songs as designed. Just like you do wih sonos or equal Spotify clients.

I'm a tech person so i figured that if I removed the app on spotify under my account / apps. It would reset and show up again. But that was my end of having spotify in my car. It never showed up. However every time i started online music, it tried to run and failed.

OK, what do we do now, lets try mee support. And they said, you cant have Spotify in your car, and you never had. And they checked with Germany, who also told it is impossible because it is only possible to put there in factory and can not after the car left factory. 🤔

Option was to cool down my head and take a moment. Thinking what person would make up them processes that they delivered, and who that works with it would just say ok. No problem i did choose Premium package because i love to drive with good sound?

Well not ME, i left the car in the shop to let them look at my case, they directly called my and asked did you have Spotify in mbux? And just to make sure it wasn’t Carplay? And i said no, the built in factory delivered app. So he said let me check and se what i can find. Later same day called me back, and told me he did find a mbux on his college’s car however an older a class with mbux. And that he would talk with the tech support for dealers. And i could pick up the car.
A month went and i drove by to se if he found any good news. He told me, noop but he thought he emailed all german departments and talked with loads of ppl. And now was back on me support. But this is crazy and that this is not a good way to treat customers. He will not give up easy on this one (gold star to this tech from me)

Now i have a friend working for Spotify, who was on the startup project when MB decided to integrate the native app in to MBUX platform. And that it is for MBUX general platform, working justlime tidal.

i ordered my spotify dev/diag logs from Spotify privacy section under my account. It took a few days and TADA i now have over 280 log entries from MBUX:
"message_brand":"","message_device_id":x x x xeff3dddeaac2c05f6fd72","message_ip_address":"195.10.35.x","timestamp_utc":"2022-09-16T15:20:27.954Z","context_time":1663341627954,"message_client_id":"ls1:f8623e3d","message_language":"","message_platform":"linux-x86","message_platform_version":"61210696","message_system_info":"Partner Tiny Mercedes-Benz;Mercedes-Benz;x x x x 98a7;;tpapi"},

And now my service tech has them to.

Also spotify now shows in me app, under online music, and is paired with spotify. However no client in car yet 😴

Did anyone else have Spotify removed by Mercedes remotely after some time?

Wish me luck, update follows when i have info.

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