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EQC 400 spotted in Germany

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It appears that someone has come across a pre production prototype of the EQC over in Europe. MB has already given us a look at this concept several times, but this is the first time we've seen it roaming the streets.
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Anyone have an idea of what all those squares are along the hood/bumper? Maybe that's how they affix the cladding that usually covers up these road going test mules?
Looks a lot like mounting points for a car bra
Yeah I think you guys are right. They look to be some sort of clasp for a cover of some kind. I'm guessing that this model wasn't supposed to be roaming around undisguised.
I meant the type of car bra that regular people like us would be able to buy. We already seen the EQ SUV months back so there's no more hiding needed.
Yes but that was just for the concept/prototype. We still haven't been given an official reveal of the EQ from MB directly. Though I doubt all that much is going to change in the production model.
Even that being the case, of all the things we're seeing in these prototypes, its what will stick.
Accessories are the easiest to offer and Mercedes offers an abundance of them.
I don't expect anything to change for its official release, aside from real world range and changing times. What sort of accessories aside from home charging kits do you want to see on the EQC?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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