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EQC Air conditioner not working

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I got my EQC 400 4MATIC premium plus line about a year ago with a mileage of 2300 from Mercedes-Benz. It was a courtesy car and was registered in sept 2020. Hence, it was about 9 months old when I got the car. Not to mention that it came with a defective tyre which I hard to change at the cost £360.00.

I also have to mention I work abroad hence the current mileage is just 6000. My concern now is that air conditioning system is not working and the vehicle is current with Mercedes with a need to "replace regridgerant pressure+temp sensor faultyB16" according to Mercedes garage.

I am beginning to have doubt about the reliability of this particular vehicle and EQC in general. I wonder if anyone has had this problem and a suggestion on what I should do please.
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I am unsure of the exact statistics but guess you should expect to bring car in for an extra service visit perhaps on average once every year or three? The earlier the better when you notice something a bit wrong such as a strange sound or smell else cost and damage may increase over time. Not using the car might ironically increase the likelihood of service requirement so I would get advice from Mercedes about keeping it in optimum condition when not being used such as having someone give it some exercise on a dry day or some other care method such as storing in a special way. Aircon is ideally used every now and then for example I understand.

I expect a courtesy car might have problems from drivers "testing the car" by for example going over ramps fast or letting the battery get too low/high state of charge, however when it came back to dealer it would have been checked I expect plus Mercedes would do a very detailed health check before sale. I owned a courtesy car myself for over a decade that I was anxious about it's history, though it seemed ok, however I didn't have new of the same model to compare against.

For my EQC over 3 years I had to get a small lamp replaced twice (fixed under warranty while getting a regular service), a damaged tyre mended (fixed by a local tyre shop), and 2 pre-emptive recalls where I left car at dealer for the day of my preference and was given nice new courtesy cars so was super-convenient. I am amazed so far how reliable it has been, given that I haven't done much except mainly bring to car wash fortnightly and get the tyres pumped seasonally and visually quickly check the car before entering and keep battery between 20% to 80%.
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Dear Dar,

Thank you for prompt and informed response. I appreciate.
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Had my EQC since mid Sept 21 not had any issue at all this far car has covered just over 10k km
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