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EQC Mercedes Me, payment for charging

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Hi all, I have recently picked up my EQC and in the third week of ownership. Having charged at BP Pulse three times, I am still not getting any payment or transaction notifications, either in car or on the app. I have registered all services and added a payment card, can any one offer advice (whilst free charging is great, don’t fancy a huge one off bill!) is the charging billed monthly ?

Secondly, at BP Pulse with multiple charges, is there anyway to identify which charger is which? The numbers on the units do not match the MB reference number? This may be me being daft , help appreciated. This is only when using the MBUX in the car to start charge, the card works fine as a fallback.
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I have used the RFID card twice in the local Lidl which was free but is now charging but no transactions have appeared. However the Ionity charges I did Sat and today all appeared in around an hour in the app but as yet no payments have been recorded against the card.
Regarding reference number/connector ID, I haven't been at BP but sometimes I found in similar situations (like Ionity) that the units are listed in sequence from left to right, so third charger from left would be the third charger listed, but I would be interested to know if Mercedes Me app support have guidance
Just a quick update for others . After two months of ownership the Mercedes me app has kicked in with charging costs, so it looks like it needs time to activate. Recent charge at BP Pulse registered in a couple of hours. Still no joy on identifying the appropriate unit but if there’s three, I use the middle one!
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