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I'm in the process of figuring out what my new car shall be. I'm looking at different brands, but EQ series is probably one of 2 realistic candidates. I'd love to hear your opinions or maybe your experience of a few pointers that bothered me.

1) How do you find the MBUX system in general, map system and so on. Must admit that on my first test drive I found the map system to be rather poor compared to the infotainment system you get in Polestar and so on.

2) I found the suspension WAAAY too soft. In roundabouts and tight corners I felt like the car was rolling over. Is this a general issue or was I unlucky? Does changing driving mode help on this? Does suspension change up with comfort vs Sport etc.? Just asking cause I'm fairly sure I never got it out of sport.

3) I had some really awful stutters on my breaks when driving. Almost felt like the ABS activated at very slow breaking. But I read on the forum now it seems to be a general issue. Have Mercedes come out and discussed this more openly? Will they recall?

Loved the car otherwise, maybe especially the interior, but the suspension feel was a real dealbreaker for me. Just wasn't a good drive which surprised me. A car needs to do more than driving in a straight line on a high way.
Hope I was just unlucky with my car, but it really was like driving a bouncy castle.


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Had my EQC since mid Sept and am totally satisfied with it. I previously had a 2018 e class estate 4matic with airmatic suspension which was adjustable for ride and height.
I am very satisifed with the car. The suspension cannot be adjusted in the way the e class was so the ride is as it is. I do prefer a lower estate to an SUV ride as occasionally the EQC like all SUV can be joggly a simple feature of its height but it is better than my previous and only other SUV a 2012 GLK. The weight of the car makes it less than perfect when cornering but acceptable to me as we do not have the road conditions or laws to allow spirited driving around curves or bends. The car matches the conditions fine for me.
Totally happy with the MBUX having come from comand and have no complaints re the navigation apart from the difficulty of entering french village names which can be very variable ie St or Ste with and without hyphens and sometimes only in full ie Saint or Sainte but that is a french thing not MBUX馃檮Live trafic works very well and I tend to send an address to the car from my phone as it is the easiest way. Have not used any other car systems for so long now it is all very intuitive to me but I find the whole system fine.
I have no brake issues at all but I do not drive my car heavily. I use d auto all the time and find the brake pedal smooth and operates as I expect it to. ABS does seem sensitive and if I run off the mettalled road onto verges (living in rural france with narrow lanes that happens a lot) it seems to cut in more than the old e class even at low speeds I put that down to the weight of the car and perhaps how the electric drive train and regen all operate together giving a different dynamic and a need for a different brake support just my thoughts might of course be rubbish as I am no engineer馃ぃ
I was a little sceptical about the EQC perceiving it as being a lower class than my exisiting car in luxury stakes but as it was the only all electric mercedes available to me and that was the most important aspect I went for it and now I would not go back to my old e class estate even though I was so happy with it and very reluctant to let it go, Inearly bought it at the end of the lease but with the future of gasoil cars not looking good here I decided to change sooner rather than later, I had no desire to be running it forever. Overall for me personally the EQC is a better car in terms of luxury driving all down to it being electric.
I charge at home and for my daily life range is perfectly fine. Not yet done a long trip but hopefully with ionity well represented on the motorway netowrk and lots of local gov chargers it should not be too painful an experience we shall see.
So to sum up I wanted a luxury quiet comfortable well designed and built all electric car that I can rely on and the EQC fits the bill perfectly. I am a very satisfied owner but we all look for different things in cars of course.

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1. Did you try Google maps? You can option Android Auto/Carplay feature. A wireless dongle is possible to add too so not have to plug in phone.

2. Which wheel size did you try? Bigger 21" AMG wheels and higher tire pressure I think should increase rigidity as sometimes demo models have low tire pressure. Comfort mode is less rigid and is the default so unless you specifically modified the mode then you were in Comfort mode. Car has low center of gravity compared conventional fossil crossovers so less risk of rollover

3. I have never heard or felt any brake stutter. Never felt any feeling of brake being applied then let go then being applied, unlike a car from another brand I had before. Hard braking will help remove caliper surface rust to prevent brake noise and possibly if car body has been waxed some of the wax might get on the brake equipment and make it noisy and same goes for wipers. A wax remover on those areas will help that
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