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EQC phone holder options

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Hello fellow drivers.
My EQC is now 2 years old. I have tried numerous ways to connect/integrate/hold my phone in the car. I've tried CarLinkIt, hardwire connection and a variety of holders. No solution is ideal and I resorted to a powered (wireless charging) cradle attached by rubber claws to the air vent between steering wheel and driver's door.
This works reasonably well and, when Im in the mood to tollerate its foibles, i can use the CarLinkIt to wireless connect to Android Auto.
The down side is that the vent is not very robust and the holder occasionally slips off.

Does anyone have a better solution? All suggestions welcome!

Looking forward to hearing from other EQC-ers...
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You may have found too much in the way but mount inside cupholder or else the table above vents is likely sturdier than vent. This high power wireless charger might possibly fit though I haven't installed in EQC, only on other's cars:

Or just behind the cupholder you could put neater different one such as listed in this thread:

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