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EQC wish-list

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After first month with the car, I have both the great things and a wish-list for next car update:
Great things:
1. Incredibly silent car. No any noise, especially, no high-frequency noise from electrical inverters. Amazing work done by MB engineers on this, they shall be proud!
2. Lot of torque. 300kW engines create a rocket from this car if gas is pressed to bottom. Two in one (car and Disneyland level of fun).
3. Very high comfort. Car is prepared at specified leave time in the frosty mornings - wheel, chairs are pleasantly hot, +20C inside, no ice-scratching, etc. - so many of other great details, there is not possible to fit all of them into this short post.
Definitely I am very happy with the decision to buy it. So much pleasure to drive it. And also to know there is no poisonous gas left behind as I drive.
And there is a wish list also (with the hope MB will read it), with reasons why:
1. 22kW onboard AC charger. The free of charge and paid city public charging infrastructure clearly standardizing to Type2 22kW sockets as a de facto in-city charging standard (and fast DC chargers for highways). So the Renault Zoe owner, after leaving the car on free Type2 charge station near local supermarket for 60 mins, then again free charge near gym for another 60min. will get 44kWh into battery. I only get 22kWh with EQC. Commercial/paid city public chargers are Type2, some are time based, €2/hour. So it costs me twice to use EQC for electricity compared to the EVs that charge from Type2 at 22kW. And its easy to see why 22kW will be the city charging socket for the future: you can install 50kW DC charger for 40k€, and 22kW AC charger costs just €1k. Cost difference is enormous. That's the wish No.1 after living with the car for more than one month: I need to charge it 22kW at FOC public AC chargers, where charge duration is often limited, and then I need to be able to charge at home slowly, with amperage setup in the car even if home wall box supports 22kW, the car shall charge at some 6kW overnight when there is plenty of time to reach charging goal for the morning. If offered as upgrade, I would buy 22kW replacement charger. For now I solved slower charging at home with Smart wall box, but 22kW public AC charging cannot be achieved without built-in charger upgrade. I hope MB will release it as soon as technology allows to get water cooled 22kW in-car inverter module with right dimensions, mass and reliability.
2. Charging that adapts to electricity market prices. As I live in NordPool area (as many countries around), the electricity prices are publicly listed by hour. As you can see from price table, electricity can cost €2 per MWh or €280/MWh depending on the hour. It would be great for the car to charge during the hour(s) with the lowest electricity price. This would cut down mileage costs by more than 200%, help to use grid at most idle time, and, not least important, also will use more of green energy for the EQx mobility (prices are low only when wind, solar or nuclear energy is used, as peak electricity comes from burned natural gas/coal and is expensive). Even if you just pay with peak/off-peak tariffs, they are average of these real market hourly prices, so charging EV fleets when market price says electricity is green, should be a focus it there is a care for real CO2 reduction.
3. Ability to use my own local 4G SIM card in the car. Currently the car uses Vodafone 4G SIM card, so, I am constantly roaming in my country, and MB pays, most probably, for my map upgrades, etc. - that is why then maps will cost more to me. If I try to use in car WiFi hot-spot, the Vodafone services web page opens and says this country is not supported. Even if it will, most probably tariffs, due to roaming, will be astronomical compared to normal local 4G tariffs where you get unlimited data/speed for €10/month, and kids of course would like to use in-car WiFi for video (YouTube, movies), that means too many GBs to have them at close to zero cost via international contracts that MB can use. It could be this EQC will never leave this country during its lifetime. This would also offload 4G costs from Mercedes as I would be happy to pay for 4G SIM card locally myself. Win-win for MB and the MB customer. Or, at least a second 4G SIM slot, where car can fallback to Vodafone SIM card only if there is no internet connection via user inserted local 4G card.
4. Ability for the car to connect to home WiFi when at home. 2 benefits: In my case, there is no 4G in underground garage, while home WiFi is very good. So first benefit is that car would be able to upgrade while in garage without 4G, also Mercedes Me will continue to be fully operational. Second benefit is that this would be free of charge to MB as no 4G roaming data will be used for big upgrades. Even phones do upgrades only when on home WiFi, so why not the car too.

Just this for now. You can add your wish in comments, I will try to keep this list updated.
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Great thread with some really interesting info on how things are in other countries.
Electricity costs in France compared to the UK seem high but ( seems there are people getting a nightime rate of 5pence for a few hours) My tariff gives me cheap rate all weekend, all day weds and then 8hrs mon, tues, thurs, fri night so I can always charge at my lower rate at home. My rate is 20 centimes full and 15 cheap. 97% of french electricity is CO2 free so there at least we do well.
I would like the ability to programme the car to set the charging at a time to suit the cheap rates available ie to set the charge to start later.
Agree re haivng a 22kw charger as many of our local authority chargers are up to 22kw for me it would be simply the ability to put more mileage in quickly.
I also wish we could choose the internet in the car provider as I would like to bundle the car with my home mobile internet package from Orange as I do for my applewatch. I feel we would get better rates as I think 50mb for 120 euro pa expensive. But it is not high on my wish list.
I would like D auto to be the default setting
I would like the voice activation to be able to be set in a different language to the display ( I am not a native French speaker and the system struggles with my accent) I want to use french for the display and navigation but voice activation in english would be good😉
Re instate the switches for dropping the rear seats at the side of the seats as in my 2018 e class, you have the choice then to drop whilst standing by the seat or from the boot of the car.
Give an option to repalce the glossy black piano finish with wood if we want😤

Will come back as I think of more things😉
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Update to "active steering" option to stay more precise between the lane lines. At the moment it can wander in the lane and also seems to make a decision just once per second then yanks steering. Not terrible but could be much better. ACC distronic is better by comparison though even that could better recognise cars switching into the lane I am in and secondly avoid being in other car's blindspots or unecessarily alongside other cars

Optional soft close doors, optional front air suspension with adaptive dampers, optional carbon fiber or other console coverings not just gloss black.

Smartphone notification when small or large battery below a preferred battery charge %

Regen all the way to a stop

12v should recharge from big battery (such as if on holiday and car is in airport)

Less suspension bounce when ACC comes to a stop

ACC to recognise red traffic lights

ACC to recognise driver's eyes or recognise capacitive touch (not just the tiny capacitive button) instead of need pull on wheel periodically

Automatic dashcam with cloud upload

Order accessories from an official online shop such as buy rubber floor mats (right hand drive)

Automatic matrix headlights to have a less optimistic option as they tend to blind truckers on motorways in my experience. Maybe I need to find some adjustment in sertings ?

An explanation of the reasons for different tire sizes - is it just aesthetics which I have been told or are they less bouncy suspension with larger profile ?

Not have to buy separate wireless carplay/android auto dongle

Option to automatically take in cold fresh air for short while after lock car to displace stale air as car seems reluctant to waste energy heating fresh air when in the car

360 camera at all speeds and without rear camera flapping out if possible

Even softer closing rear trunk door

Shorter braking distance

Choose ACC speed from a list of preferred shortcuts (54kph seems to be the real 50kph depending wheel size)

ACC should follow traffic more closely from a stop. Sport mode does this better but needs reset after ignition cycle unfortunately

Smaller main mbux icons option so not have to scroll between icons

Wider angle front and rear camera as have to be perfectly perpendicular to see both sides of road being entered

More aerodynamic without the usual trick of cramped rear seats

More longtitudinal cabin space
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