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I did and was not impressed by it.
It just did not feel at all special and not very luxurious. I will be sticking with my hybrid Range Rover Sport for a while longer.
Thanks for replying. surprised as it gets a lot of thumbs up but the Range Rover is a different beast and all cars feelings to the end user are in the end a subjective preference. I certainly do not like the looks! Have been very happy with my EQC but coming from an e class I had thought of going back to the EQE but the fact it is a saloon and only 2 wheel drive really puts me off. I consider the current GLE an obscene unecessary size which would be a pain to boot in many of the old underground car parks which were built for old Renault 5 size cars. So going from the EQC to an EQE SUV was not something I was that keen on if it is GLE size and the fact it looks as if it will be built in the states also puts me off. With no new EQC on the horizon am perplexed as to what I might do when my lease is up for the first time I might buy the EQC and wait and see if Mercedes’ come up with a car I like!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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