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I owe my EQ now for 3 month and overall I am very sastisfied but I have a few issues with the car (first mercedes in many years)
1) It decided on its own to open a window for a bit when the car is parked --> can it be switched off? Why is it for?
2) A big issue I had was when first charging the car during a journey while remaining inside. The alarm when off and I jumped out to gte the key on the back seat. While out of the car the door opened and I was outside without mobile, key,.... A real nightmare. How can a car close while the key is inside???
3) The alarm from time to time startes while opening the door of the none closed car in my garage. I switched it off but from time to time it evan startes while I have my keys in the pocket (OK it stops after 2 sec)
4) While changing the speed limit in auto pilot very regularly the display behind the steeriung wheel change to a std layout --> has to be a bug
5) while being in car play mode I cannot use the hey mercedes function to make a call --> problem is I do not know when the car change to car play more neitehr how to switch it off

sorry for many questions at the same time.

Any clue?
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