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Unfortunately after only having my EQE 350+ for 2 weeks , I was involved in a collision where the front driver side was hit. The estimate was 10k, but now the certified Mercedes collision center says Mercedes is saying they might need to replace the battery which would almost total the car. Mercedes is saying there is a battery swap program to make it cheaper, but taking long to get an answer. Any help ? It's been almost 2 months with back and forth between body shop and Mercedes because they haven't dealt with an accident with this car yet.
Drive safe EQ family !
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Unfortunately, that's one problem with EVs. If the battery is damaged and cannot be repaired, it would mean the car has to be totaled.

It's even worse with Tesla's new structural battery which has zero reparability - any minor dent or damage would total the car.

Scratched EV battery? Your insurer may have to junk the whole car
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