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EQS 450 SUV cargo area dimensions and underfloor storage.

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I took delivery of an EQS 450 4Matic SUV yesterday and thought other forum members might be interested in learning more about the cargo area dimensions and features. My car is NOT optioned with third row seats. EQS SUVs with third row seats do not have very much storage below the cargo floor.

The optional $90 cargo mat is 43" long by 39" wide. The actual width between the carpeted wheel wells is closer to 43". The entire floor can be lifted up and there is a strap that can be hung from the top of the hatch opening. On the left rear corner there is a cavity that is about 12" deep and about 10" square. This deep pocket is where the air compressor and tire goop is stored in cars equipped with the compressor. Just behind the second row seats the storage area is about 6" deep. The very back edge of the storage area has a place to store the retractable storage area cover.

I attached a few photos to show where I am storing a floor jack, a portable Tesla EVSE, and the cargo cover. The Rigid brand canvas tool bag keeps the floor jack from moving around.

Vehicle Trunk Gas Automotive exterior Wood

43" by 39" optional cargo mat. Recommended for grey or beige interiors.
Automotive tire Trunk Gas Automotive exterior Bumper

Sub-floor storage in EQS SUVs without third row seatiing.
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Front area of storage area is 6" deep, enough room for a small floor jack.
Luggage and bags Bag Musical instrument accessory Baggage Auto part

Floor jack in tool bag keeps it from moving around while driving.
Trunk Motor vehicle Automotive design Vehicle door Automotive exterior

Rear edge of storage area has a pocket on either side to securely stow cargo cover.
Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Trunk Vehicle

Plenty of room to store a small portable EVSE. This one was converted to J1772 plug.
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Thanks for the pictures. Very helpful! How did you convert the Tesla mobile connector to j1772?
Thanks for the pictures. Very helpful! How did you convert the Tesla mobile connector to j1772?
The J1772 connectors are available as replacement parts. Duosida seems to be a decent brand. At first I ordered a 50 Amp version, but the pins in the 50 Amp model are for larger gauge wire than the wire in the Tesla UMC cable. I ended up exchanging it for a 32 Amp model with pins that were sized correctly for the wire size used in the Tesla UMC. You need to have access to a professional grade crimper. The crimper and accessories used by the guy who helped me with the project cost $2000 and was actuated with compressed air. The cost of the J1772 connector and the service to crimp the wires was about $150. This is the same amount that you will pay for a Lectron Tesla to J1772 adapter. If I did this again I would go the adapter route rather than replacing the connector.

For $200 plus another $150 adapter you have one of the best Portable L1/L2 EVSE that is arguably good enough to use as your home charger as well as a travel charger. The Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connector is also one of the best values at $550 for an EVSE that can use up to a 60 Amp circuit.
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