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The EQS 450 SUV is the third vehicle we've owned with a wireless phone charger. The Tesla wireless charger was by far the most convenient. It accommodated two phones and the screens were visible. The Taycan CT wireless charger was not very user friendly. It was hidden in the console compartment which was difficult to open and it frequently overheated to the point that the phone would shut itself down. It was also tricky to align the phone in the charger slot.

The MB wireless charger, which like the one in the Porsche only handles one phone, is located ahead of the cup holders which makes it somewhat awkward to use. It does not overheat the phone and "Hey Mercedes" reminds you to take the phone when you are exiting the car. Since we almost always have two phone in the car, I decided to install another cell phone on the dashboard. I chose a Spigen brand MagSafe compatible mount since it has a very small border around the MagSafe pocket which means it does not interfere with the camera "frame" on the iPhone 13 Mini.

My dashboard is trimmed with Anthracite Linden Wood. I was a little reluctant to attach the mount with the provided double-sided adhesive tape but I did it anyway. I enclosed the white cable with a black split sleeve that makes the exposed cable length less obvious against the dark dashboard. I routed the cable under the lip of the cockpit screen down past the steering wheel behind the dash towards the USB C outlet in the storage area below the center console.

I removed the the center console tray (held in place with two screws) and the carpeted panel (held in place with four clips) with the USB C outlets. I filed a small slot in the edge of the opening for the USB C outlets so I could bring the cable from behind the panel and plug it in to the outlet.

I would have preferred to route the cable to the outlets inside the console by the cup holders, but I could not find an easy way to get the cable to that location. I tried removing the side of the console but I gave up for fear of breaking something. Hopefully someone else on the forum will discover how to remove the console side panel and I can revisit this project next Summer to conceal the USB C plug.

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