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Eqs 450 tire wear

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I have a new eqs 450+ and had to replace the right rear tire after only 20,000 miles. I have never hit a hard bump or driven it like a race car, My local dealer can not answer my question as to why it wears so unevenly . Hope someone here may help.?
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How much tread remained on the other three tires? Did you replace both tires on the rear axle?
I replaced both rear tires, but only the right one had wear on it. I have the rear wheel steering also if that matters.
Also the tire was almost bald, all the others had normal wear. This is with normal driving but mostly on the highway. I work 100 miles from home so I drive a lot of highway with little city driving. The car is only about 5 months old bought new.
I'm not sure if dealer checked tire pressure before replacing, which could be one possibility for why baldness happened. You possibly don't have photo but if you did it might help to know if the baldness was on the outermost (easily visible) edges mostly which could suggest that tire was a bit underinflated -

Sorry, wish I had taken pictures, but the wear was even over most of the width. I will be sure to take pictures over these next 20,000 miles and see if this is going to be a problem with the EQS. I cant believe Mercedes don’t have tire warranties.
Overinflation of that tire could cause wear more towards centre of tire. Else I assume tire alignment was checked at point of sale and no rough road conditions were a problem as you say. One other scenario is one tire from a demo model, with more miles already travelled by that tire compared the others, somehow getting switched into the new car but that is likely an extremely rare event.

The rear "driven" tires likely wear out faster so that likely contributed towards wear also, though it doesn't explain why more on one side of car. Tests of the acceleration could cause some tire slippage and may cause wear too but you say not much of that happened.


The other difficult question is if an "electric" car increased wear. Continental Tires note extra strain, from weight and torque, that needs to be managed....

..compared Nokian Tires have observed even less wear compared fossil fuel cars, such as because the torque can be controlled by computers much faster per second to prevent tire slippage...

If the rear wheel steering is "disbalanced" for any reason this could cause tire wear. You can see the angle in the MBUX during driving.
I am new to EV cars but have been doing loads of homework on them and 1 of my favorite mods is tries.
I have found this video very good info on tire wear and why.
I was planning to put on some summer tires Bridgestone Potenza Motorsport RE-71Rs on my EQB but now I think I will not because EV cars are a lot heavier and will ware tires very fast.
Back to your topic sounds like all the weight is on that wheel which needs to check the balance, other is the tire pressure which I always check every month to top up the air, every pound you lose will make a big difference on the wheel.
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