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EQS 580 Driver's Instrument Cluster Screen Did Not Activate.

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When I started my Hyperscreen equipped EQS580 today, the driver's instrument cluster screen remained blank, totally off, black. Restarted several times with no effect. I drove to my destination about 5 miles away and called Mercedes me assistance. The young lady who dealt with me listened attentively and then said she would run some remote diagnostics on the car and put me on hold. Six minutes later, she returned and told me I would have to visit my dealer. This did not thrill me since I am waiting already for the software patch that Mercedes sent a letter about several weeks ago and the earliest they could see me was December 27! We ended the call and I did my shopping. When I returned to the car and restarted, all was back to normal! Anyone else encounter this? Is there a procedure with the EQS to reboot the car that is comparable to the procedure I would use on my 2014 Tesla Model S?
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Not that issue but I am still waiting for Mercedes Me to work in the car and for the "internet unavailable" message to stop appearing, It's been 3 weeks. Hopefully the patch you speak of will remedy the 580"s other issues.."socket flap open" messages etc...
Not fun to read of your HyperScreen issue, bstringer! In a way, you will want to hope that it happens again and stays "broken" long enough so they can identify the root cause and fix it (before warranty expiration becomes a concern). Nevertheless, I am still determined specify a HyperScreen when it becomes possible for me to order my EQE SUV. Not surprisingly, it seems these cutting-edge cars are simply complex computer networks that happen to have an automobile-shaped encasement and four wheels. What's also annoying is that the auto-dealer/service technicians are apparently still in the early part of the learning curve. I bet people bringing their cars 4x in one month to a garage for "fixing" of the same error message is more the norm right now, rather than the exception. Oh, the fun we have of being on the bleeding edge ;-)
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In the days since the initial event there has not been a recurrence. Hopefully just a blip. I hope.
Am driving an eqs 450+, 3 months into the ownership, the driver info cluster display went blank during driving. Later my son found out the passenger display behind the driver also went blank. When the car stop and power down for a while the issue goes away. When I started the car again it goes back to normal but after 5 mins of driving it went blank again. This is a repeatable issue. Sent in to the dealer for troubleshooting. 2 weeks into it and they still have no clue nor leads on what might be the potential root cause.
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