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EQS SUV brake dust

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My EQS 450 SUV is equipped with non-staggered RWX 21" AMG wheels. I waxed the SUV and the wheels earlier this week. After driving a few days I noticed that there is virtually no brake dust on either front wheel, but the both rear wheels have accumulated a noticeable amount of brake dust.

My previous EVs (Tesla Model 3, Taycan CT) had very little brake dust on the front or rear wheels. So I am somewhat surprised about the brake dust on the EQS rear wheels.

I would be interested to know if other EQS owners are having the same brake dust experience. Or perhaps this means that the regenerative braking is not working as intended on the rear wheels of my particular SUV.
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My EQS 580 SUV it looks even on al tire.
Since starting this thread six weeks ago I noticed that rear wheel brake dust seems higher when I am using Distronic cruise control and Active Steering Assist (ASA).
My preview Mercedes was a 2020 AMG GT and that was the worse, I hated to clean those rim.
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