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EQS580 ‘22 chg card & connect me services NOT completing

I actually don’t know where to begin. The Mercedes connect is not finishing the activation for their 30 minutes of free charging it’s saying it’s registered but then it’s saying when I give the information the car is already defined and noting an error in the process…. but it’s asking me to define it my sales person and I were on with MERCEDES Me Connect support yesterday several times to NO success, I am also an owner of a Tesla model X at well everyone complains about the Tesla. I have to tell you the programming of it and computer skills are Way Beyond what MB is OFFERING. To put it simply well I’ve only had the EQ 580 for a few days. The car seems to be magnificent and Acceleration a bit slower than a Tesla. However, my complaints about the Tesla, were more in this category it seems Mercedes knows how to make a car but not how to coordinate the computer info necessary to make it a truly SMART E vehicle!!
I’m truly surprised that Mercedes put out an imperfect or incomplete product in this category
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