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Feature issues and bugs

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I have seen multiple feature issues abd bugs
1. Traffic light countdown stopped working with no notice
2. Pedestrian detection icon vanishes
Many others. Anyone know if Mercedes has way to report software bugs ? Dealers have no clue how to do this.
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Had some of your bugs. I have read that calibration of the front camera have helped some but I think my camera might be broken as it has given error messages in the log.
traffic light countdown stopped working for me about a month after I got the car (in September 2022)
I also just recently noticed the automatic lane change no longer works, as I don't get the two triangles on either side to allow changing. I now get it (since last week) maybe 10% of the time that I used to.
we need to get Mercedes software engineers to join this forum to see how many issues are happening. There is no customer feedback forum officially hosted by Mercedes.
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