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First EQ C Crossover

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It seems Mercedes has developed an all-new platform for the EQ C called EVA, designed solely for their electric lineup. Their crossover is rumored to feature a 70 kWh battery pack, which should provide a driving range of around 250-300 miles. Its power estimate is around 300 kW, or 400 hp. Aside from its unknown price point it seems to far to be on target with what the I Pace has delivered.
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So this platform will be underpinning all the EQ models after initial one is released, unless it's production ready and could be rolled out in the very near future?
I think we'll get a better idea of the timeline come the New York Autoshow. Not sure how along into development the new platform is, but it should help Mercedes to save a bunch of money on production.
I know that CES show is slowly becoming the new event for car makers to target.

If true we should see the production model during Q1 of 2019 and quite possibly teasers by the end of Q4 this year.
This post is important news for the EQC. Why doesn't the administration highlight this on the home page. I can't start a thread but maybe this post will catch a few eyes. Count down has begun.
Exciting times. Going forward we should be expecting to see a consistent roll out of information from MB.

Production is in full swing as i'm typing this and there's still a lot of questions to be answered. The next step might be a configurator.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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