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I will hopefully soon order an EQE SUV.
I really like the front light bar that goes across the vehicle between the headlights and want to be sure I order it. I've seen it on many pictures of the EQE SUV. BUT...I've also seen many pictures of the EQE SUV without the light bar. I asked my dealer and he thought it might be part of the Digital Light/Projection option, which would make sense. But, in looking at the EQS, EQS SUV and EQE Sedan, I never see any mention of this light bar in the description of the options. I think I've seen mention in some videos that certain countries don't allow it. But, the configurator here in Sweden shows it on some pictures of the car, but not consistently -- and without any indication as to whether it's standard or an option.

Does anyone here have any knowledge or thoughts on how the Light Bar fits into the big scheme of things? And which, if any option/package it's connected with?
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