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Frunk to fit EQC

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I’ve raised the topic earlier - my 2021 EQC AMG is not fitted with the (optional) plastic engine cover, and there is potentially room for a basket-type frunk which could be fitted to the existing engine cover mountings. It would be ideal just to keep one or both of the supplied charger cable nylon bags. Is anyone aware of such a product? I was also thinking about trying to mould a protype in a composite material. I believe someone argued that it might infringe on the original warranty, but I really can’t see why this should be an issue.
Feedback would be much appreciated!
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I think frunks are a good idea for the cables but Mercedes clearly do not given the EQE etc do not even have bonnets that the user can open!
why they stopped the engine covers is not clear, cost but somewhere I have seen ref to noise caused by vibration…..anyway I would be cautious due to heat build up could it cause problems, I do not know but would not myself take the risk.
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