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I did some homework on the MB wall charger and ask about the functions and it is very basic with no app or security for the phones to control.
I search around Hong Kong for a wall charger and found a German brand NTT. Heim | NTTechnology
Has anyone got this at home?
It has all the app functions that I what like a timer, on and off, security card to turn it on.
I ordered 2 NTT, 1 NTT 22kW intermediate wall charger phase 3, and 1 NTT Portable 2 Pro 13A for backup just in case the wall charger doesn't work. Both are 10M long.
I went for the 22kW because in the future if I change to a new EV car with higher power input, I would not have to change or buy a new one.

NTT 22kW intermediate wall charger
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Here is the NTT Portable 2 Pro
Product Output device Peripheral Font Audio equipment
Camera accessory Font Material property Gadget Circle

Measuring instrument Font Electronic device Electric blue Technology

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