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How are modern Mercedes vehicles’ long term reliability?
I’m looking to get a new Mercedes GLE 450 or 580, and if there’s any data on the long term reliability of the vehicle? I plan on keeping it as long as it can run essentially. Hopefully that’s more than 10 years.
Given that the EQ Boost is essentially an oversized starter motor/alternator, does it have implications on the repairs? Like is it a really involved process of taking the engine out and disassembling the engine to replace it? Or is it accessible while in the engine bay for a replacement? Are the transmission and adaptive suspension system pretty robust?
Is the V8 or I6 engine more robust overall? Both are forced induction engines, how reliable are the turbos?
How is the MBUX infotainment system and all the electronics of the vehicle?
Anything that goes wrong with it that’s super expensive to repair/replace?
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