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I installed the new Tesla Gen 3 J1772 Wall Connector to use with my EQS 450 SUV. Most recently I was using a Porsche PMC+ charger mounted on the post between two garage doors. The Porsche EVSE had a NEMA 6-50 power cord plugged into a Hubbell 6-50 outlet. The Gen 2 Tesla Wall Connector was designed to work with 1" electrical conduit entering from either the top or bottom of the enclosure. The Gen 3 unit can use either 3/4" or 1" conduit on the bottom of the housing. However, only 3/4" conduit can be used on the top side. I kept the outlet box mounted on the wall above the Gen 3 EVSE since doing so facilitated changing the conduit size before entering the EVSE.

The Tesla Gen 3 is easy to install and is configured by connecting a laptop or cell phone via a WIFI signal generated by the EVSE. It's not necessary to connect the EVSE to your home WIFI in order to configure the circuit size. The Tesla Gen 3 EVSE supports up to a 60 Amp circuit. I am able to charge the EQS SUV at 7.4 kW on a a 40 Amp circuit which is the maximum I could use in my garage electrical panel.

I installed an 18" diameter 1/4" thick piece of plywood behind the Wall Connector in order to prevent the coiled charging cord from snagging the garage door hardware when opening or closing the door.

The charging plug on the Tesla EVSE is much smaller than the typical J1772 plug. At $550 I consider the Gen 3 Tesla Wall Connector an outstanding value.

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