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Am based in France and i have been subscribing to SFR internet-in the car service since 2018. I usually buy an annual pass. This year I missed the pass expiry by a couple of days and all that was offered in my account was a 30 day 3gb free pass🤷‍♀️ That is working but I want to subscribe and there is no option to do so, either the site which is painfully slow and always has been, goes around in a loop to the add a pass page or it says there are no passes available in your country🤷‍♀️
Anyone else having problems? Have mercedes changed their partner? I have written to the helpline but received no response. I dislike vodafone after having money on a uk PAYG just taken and the number reused so would be happy to leave them but the lack of knowledge of why I cannot buy a pass is frustrating and I will be very annoyed if I cannot sort the situation out and keep the internet link working.
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