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Jacking Points on EQS SUV

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The EQS SUV (and sedan) use the Mercedes-Benz jack point with part number 204-690-00-09. This is the same jack point first introduced in the 2010 GLK SUV. It is also used on most of the late model MB ICE vehicles. The jack points are about 1cm lower than the side skirts on the outboard side and flush with the under carriage body panel covering the HV battery on the inboard side.

The area adjacent to the four jack points on the inboard side also appears to be a jack point with a location hole. I doubt very much if these areas are intended for raising the vehicle. They are more likely to be the points for securing a specialized jack for removing the battery compartment. Hopefully, a knowledgable MB technician can enlighten the forum members on this topic.

It's possible to lift the car by raising the jack point on its perimeter. However doing so risks damaging the undercarriage depending upon the shape of your floor jack saddle or the design of the two-post lift pads. Using an adapter to extend the jack point and raise the car from the pocket of the jack point is much less likely to damage the side skirts or undercarriage.

Getting the SUV high enough off the ground to remove a tire will require a floor jack that can be raised to at least 12". Small lightweight aluminum floor jacks typically can lift up to a 14" height. The floor jack I am using in the photos (and keep in the under cargo storage compartment) has a capacity of 1.5 tons. Lifting a corner of a 6000+ pound vehicle with a 1.5 ton floor jack can be done safely but requires some effort once the tire is off the ground.

Before lifting the car with a floor jack I recommend deactivating the Tow-away Alarm.


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