Jason Cammisa shared his thoughts about the EQS 580 on his instagram page and in short, he's not a fan of the car.

Verdict Mercedes EQS 580: a ground-up car from a company not capable of ground-up thinking.

Such a head-scratcher that I was worried Mercedes had forgotten everything it knows about building cars. Then I jumped into a magnificent S 580 and realized the problem isn’t the company. It’s just this one car.

EQS is a huge, electric “S-Class” with the frumpy proportions of a Toyota Corolla.

It has a bolt-upright, uncomfortable back seat with barely enough headroom to fit an average-sized man(!)

It has a non-user-openable frunk filled with crap instead of storage space.

It has a Drive-In Movie dashboard with screens designed by someone who’s clearly never driven a car. They’re downright dangerous to use. Worse, they’re blinding at night even fully dimmed. You can turn them off, but then EVERYTHING is off. No music, no HVAC.

Every time you floor the accelerator, you get an error message on the screen. Sometimes, you also get cool space-ship noise. Sometimes you don’t. (Slide 10)

And then, there’s the horror-show dynamics.

The steering is so overboosted it feels like there’s no physical connection to the wheels.

The brake pedal is so nonlinear it feels like you have a hole in a brake line.

And the body is genuinely Out. Of. Control.

Slide 9: a stretch of hwy I’ve driven a thousand cars on. I’ve never seen anything like this. Never stops moving, heaving, bounding off the bump stops. The last car I drove with body control this poor was a $250 death-trap ’83 Cadillac Stretch Limo with 4 blown shocks. I’m not kidding.

The powertrain? Commendably smooth and quiet. And fast. 455 Wh/mi in normal driving. Rear-steer means tiny turning radius. It’s shockingly grippy in corners and will genuinely haul ass on a back road.

But it’ll make all its passengers hurl.

This is everything the S-Class isn’t. It’s barely comprehensible that the EQS 580 and S 580 come from the same company. This should be an S-Class with an electric powertrain. Instead, it feels like a sophomoric caricature of what “luxury” means by a team who’s never before built a car. I just don’t get how this could happen at a company like Mercedes-Benz.

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