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Just ordered EQA 250+ AMG Line

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Just placed an order through the NHS leasing / salary sacrifice scheme for an EQA 250+ AMG Line in Denim Blue - seems a good deal!

In reality the car will be my wife's main transport to/from work (she is after all the one who works in the NHS!), as well as some business miles between hospitals. That said, it will probably become my main transport for weekends as my wife often travels to see her elderly mum in Cornwall and looking at things, the charging network that far down the country is still a little patchy, so she's planning on taking my car, which will at least make the return journey on one tank of fuel, which the EQA won't manage on a single charge (176 miles each way, plus some miles whilst down there).

We've been quoted 9 months for delivery - does that tie in with others' experience for how long you have to wait for delivery?

Also, whilst I'm sure there will be lots of options, what's the best home charging wall box for fitting outside in a drive (no garage), that ideally will allow scheduled charging etc. Do I need a tethered one or un-tethered? Which is easier to use or live with?

We did look at going for the Premium pack, but just it pushed the budget a little too much - my wife really has a thing for Mercedes and was amazed that a fully electric Merc was within reach through the NHS leasing scheme as she had initially been looking at more budget options, so she's delighted. She'll be coming from a 2015 C220d Bluetec Estate Sport that she's had from new.

There is one question I haven't found an answer to as yet - are the Adaptive LED headlights the type that can adjust the beam to avoid dazzling oncoming cars whilst still maintaining a degree of high beam, or are they the more simple on/off high beam when it detects oncoming cars? The only option we paid for on my wife's 2015 C Class were the Intelligent LED headlights and they're fantastic, whereas I had auto high-beam on my previous LR Disco Sport that were simple on/off high beam, and they were rubbish (but then many things on that car were!). Any pointers as to whether they are the type that will move the high beam around would be appreciated.

Anyway, looking forward to learning more about the car!
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The EQA red is different from the EQS, E- C-class red. The A-class is the same as the EQA red. The EQA red is a little bit darker than the hyacinth red.
But what colour you like, is a different thing. I need to see the whole car to say, if I like the colour or not. The online configurator is also not a great help, as the displayed colour differs a lot from the real thing.
Well yes, but at least the Denim Blue isn't black, white, grey or silver. And the Rose Gold is just yuck!
In shopping for an EQE SUV, I found myself very frustrated at the limited palette. Overwhelming number of dark, drab options. EQV colors are more exciting. What can't normal cars have exciting colors too?!
When I began to look seriously at the EQA last year, the local dealer's demonstrator was white and as I've tended to buy light coloured cars (most often, white!) I enquired about the possibility of buying that car. Not on! Under the Agency sales arrangement, the car was owned by MB Australia and they determine the demonstrator sale process.
I then began looking at the available colours and as I'm not a fan of any of the myriad greys (or black!), it seemed my default was white! The dealer then discovered that they could access a former demonstrator in Denim Blue. To cut a long story short, I bought it, mainly because it was highly specified and was immediately available. For me it's 'just OK', but my wife likes the colour and to be honest, if I were choosing a new car colour it would probably have been my (reluctant) next choice after white.

Bottom line: I think Mercedes' colour range leaves much to be desired. When I think back to the first few decades after WW2, European manufacturers such as Citroen and Fiat offered many interesting colours, some subtly unique - both non-metallic and metallic.

To steal a line from (the movie) Notting Hill, perhaps the Germans perceive that everyone "luv grey" (not only chics)! Having said that, VW has offered some nice pale blues in recent years.
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Well if you want evidence that Mercedes used to offer some more interesting colours, this was my wife's car when I first met her in 2005. It's a 1998 SLK 230K in Designo Electric Green. Very rare colour - when I was selling it through Autotrader when the kids came along and she was forced (unwillingly!) to change into a more family-friendly car (VW Touran), I did some searching and found that this was one of only 23 Mk1 SLKs that was sold in the UK in this colour. She bought it second hand, but it had all the optional extras ticked by whoever originally bought it new, and the Designo range of colours weren't cheap! There was also a Designo Metallic Copper which was a bit more popular, but the Electric Green was certainly eye catching! Picture makes it look quite green, whereas in reality it had a bit more yellow-green tinge to it. Not sure it would work on an EQA, but come on Mercedes, cancelling the only blue available for the EQA in favour of yet another grey is just lazy.
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Dealer informed me that Blue Denim is still a "go" and sent me all the screenshots to prove it. I'm still expecting a "oh just kidding" note from him in the next couple of weeks. Production date is scheduled 13th June. Tick-Tock.
The colour changes should take place after the school holidays in Germany, which end on the 9th of September. After the holidays MY 2024 should go in production.
AFAIK no other Mercedes model uses the denim blue colour. So when the colour is out of stock, they will probably not order a new batch.
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I will go with @Jeggo on this one ! Photos in July I hope.
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