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Knocking when driving on uneven road surfaces

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We have an EQA and we have had a knocking noise when driving over uneven road surfaces. It's been in twice now and it's still doing it. On the second occasion they said they had replaced the anti roll bar link. We know it shouldn't have this sound as we was given an EQA on a loan car which didn't have this issue .
Anyone else had this issue ?
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I haven't experienced a knocking noise of the type you mention, but the suspension noise in my EQA is, for me, one of its less appealing characteristics. I guess the noises I refer to tend to be more apparent because the car is generally quiet, but when driving over broken paved surfaces, my EQA feels (and sounds) much less refined than my wife's 2016 B250 (which still has its original run-flat tyres). I would describe the EQA's suspension as 'chatty'.

Every time I drive the EQA and experience the issue I've mentioned I wish I could explain it more precisely in case - as per your enquiry, Wire1078 - others' experience is similar, or not.
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